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Malware Top10:
Thu, 26 Jul       TROJ_MALOAD.QFKG
Thu, 26 Jul       TROJ_DLOADR.AUSUMQ
Thu, 26 Jul       TROJ_DLOADR.AUSUMP
Mon, 23 Jul       ELF_MIRAI.LBOUG
Mon, 23 Jul       UNIX_MIRAI.DLDS
Fri, 22 Jun       BKDR_FLAWEDMMYY.B
Thu, 07 Jun       ELF_VPNFILT.C
Thu, 07 Jun       TROJ_KILLMBR.EE

Latest 10 Virus Alerts:
15 Aug 2018       Troj/Agent-AZOK
15 Aug 2018       Troj/PDFDldr-BK
15 Aug 2018       VBS/Drop-VF
15 Aug 2018       Troj/VB-JTJ
15 Aug 2018       Troj/RTFDldr-VF
15 Aug 2018       Troj/RTF-BC
15 Aug 2018       Troj/Remcos-DE
15 Aug 2018       Troj/MSILInj-TT
15 Aug 2018       Troj/MSIL-LQN
15 Aug 2018       Troj/Inject-DME

Latest Adware and PUA:
15 Aug 2018       Smart Application controller
14 Aug 2018       ICLoader
14 Aug 2018       RelevantKnowledge
14 Aug 2018       Password Finder
13 Aug 2018       Keygen
13 Aug 2018       HideFolder
11 Aug 2018       MyBee Search
11 Aug 2018       iHaveAnswer DriverArmor
11 Aug 2018       Guru Technologies Fast PC
10 Aug 2018       Mughthesec

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Latest 10 Threats:
Fri, 17 Aug       Backdoor.Spedear!gen2
Thu, 16 Aug       Exp.CVE-2018-8373
Thu, 16 Aug       Exp.CVE-2018-8414
Mon, 13 Aug       SONAR.Powershell!g21
Mon, 13 Aug       SONAR.Powershell!g25
Wed, 15 Aug       Exp.CVE-2018-12799
Wed, 15 Aug       Exp.CVE-2018-12827
Wed, 15 Aug       Exp.CVE-2018-12826
Wed, 15 Aug       Exp.CVE-2018-12824
Tue, 14 Aug       Infostealer.Lokbot!g23

Latest 10 Risks:
Thu, 16 Aug       PUA.FullSpeedPC
Tue, 14 Aug       PUA.UltraVirusKiller
Tue, 14 Aug       PUA.RegistrySmart
Mon, 13 Aug       PUA.ComCarePCCleaner
Thu, 9 Aug       PUA.FixItRegOptimizer
Mon, 6 Aug       OSX.Shlayer
Wed, 1 Aug       PUA.ChilyRegCleaner
Fri, 27 Jul       PUA.PCRepairClinic
Thu, 26 Jul       Android.Clickads
Thu, 26 Jul       PUA.WinTonic

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Internet Storm Center Infocon Status
Trump Pulls Gloves Off On Offensive Cyber Actions (InfoRiskToday)
Firefox add-on snoops on 200,000 users' browsing activities (ZDNet)
NotPetya malware attack: Chaos but not cyber warfare (ZDNet)
'Hacky hack hack': Teen arrested for breaking into Apple's network (ZDNet)
'Hacky Hack Hack': Australia Teen Breaches Apple's Secure Network (SecurityWeek)
'Oh sh..' the moment an infosec bod realized he was tracking a cop car's movements by its leaky cellular gateway (The Register)
Microsoft: 5 tips for developers to reduce malware false positives (TechRepublic)
Facebook Messenger backdoor demand, bail in Bitcoin, and lots more (The Register)

The Register - Security

Facebook Messenger backdoor demand, bail in Bitcoin, and lots more (18 August 2018)
SentinelOne makes YouTube delete Bsides vid 'cuz it didn't like the way bugs were reported (18 August 2018)
'Oh sh..' – the moment an infosec bod realized he was tracking a cop car's movements by its leaky cellular gateway (18 August 2018)
Web cache poisoning just got real: How to fling evil code at victims (17 August 2018)
Shiver me timbers: Symantec spots activist investor Starboard side (17 August 2018)
Most staffers expect bosses to snoop on them, say unions (17 August 2018)
What happens to your online accounts when you die? (17 August 2018)
Who was it that hacked Apple? Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie, boy boy boy! (16 August 2018)
Juno this ain't right! Chinese hackers target Alaska (16 August 2018)
Mozilla-endorsed security plug-in accused of tracking users (15 August 2018)
Making money mining Coinhive? Yeah, you and nine other people (15 August 2018)
India's Cosmos bank raided for $13m by hackers (15 August 2018)
Support for ageing key exchange crypto leaves VPNs open to attack (15 August 2018)
Bitcoin backer sues AT&T for $240m over stolen cryptocurrency (15 August 2018)
Baddies of the internet: It's all about dodgy mobile apps, they're so hot right now (15 August 2018)
Foreshadow and Intel SGX software attestation: 'The whole trust model collapses' (15 August 2018)
Criminals a bit less interested in nicking Brits' identities this year (15 August 2018)
Florida Man laundered money for Reveton ransomware. Then Microsoft hired him (15 August 2018)
Patch Tuesday heats up with pair of exploited zero-days squashed – plus 58 other vulns fixed (14 August 2018)
Hackers manage – just – to turn Amazon Echoes into snooping devices (14 August 2018)

threat post
Philips Vulnerability Exposes Sensitive Cardiac Patient Information (17 Aug 2018)
Unique Malspam Campaign Uses MS Publisher to Drop a RAT on Banks (17 Aug 2018)
Severe PHP Exploit Threatens WordPress Sites with Remote Code Execution (17 Aug 2018)
AT&T Faces $224M Legal Challenge Over SIM-Jacking Rings (17 Aug 2018)
ThreatList: Almost Half of the World’s Top Websites Deemed ‘Risky’ (17 Aug 2018)
ATM Heists Only Set to Accelerate After $13M Break-In (17 Aug 2018)
Highly Flexible Marap Malware Enters the Financial Scene (16 Aug 2018)
New Trickbot Variant Touts Stealthy Code-Injection Trick (16 Aug 2018)
‘China’s MIT’ Linked to Espionage Campaign Against Alaska, Economic Partners (16 Aug 2018)
Google Expands Bug-Bounty Program to Battle Abuse Methods (16 Aug 2018)

​China aims to narrow cyberwarfare gap with US
Google: To be clear, this is how we track you even with Location History turned off
Necurs botnet launches fresh assault against banks
1990s technology exposes 32,000 smart homes, businesses to exploit
​Windows malware: How to stop your files being wrongly tagged as malicious by Windows Defender ATP
Mozilla wipes 23 Firefox add-ons off the map for tracking user activity
'Hacky hack hack': Teen arrested for breaking into Apple's network
Open-source vulnerabilities which will not die: Who is to blame?
Australia appoints information and privacy commissioner
Severe vulnerability exposes WordPress websites to attack
Apricorn Aegis Secure Key 3NX: Secure, hardware-encrypted drive you can fit in a pocket
NotPetya malware attack: Chaos but not cyber warfare
Google expands bug bounty program to include fraud protection bypass, free purchases
Firefox add-on snoops on 200,000 users' browsing activities
Turnbull opens Australian Cyber Security Centre HQ
Brazilian president signs data protection bill
Alibaba takes more cloud products global, eyes APAC growth
Before taking that DNA test: Six things you need to know
Digital risk protection in 2018: New vendors, new leaders, new wave
Former Microsoft engineer sent behind bars for role in ransomware extortion scheme

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