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Malware Top10:
Wed, 08 Jul       IoT.Linux.MIRAI.VWISI
Thu, 21 May       Backdoor.Win32.DEVILSHADOW.THEAABO
Fri, 03 Apr       Trojan.Win32.MOOZ.THCCABO
Mon, 16 Mar       Trojan.PS1.POWLOAD.JKP
Mon, 10 Feb       Backdoor.SH.SHELLBOT.AA
Thu, 09 Jan       Backdoor.Win64.ANCHOR.A
Tue, 19 Nov       Backdoor.MSIL.REMCOS.AOJ
Mon, 04 Nov       Coinminer.Linux.KERBERDS.A
Fri, 25 Oct       Trojan.SH.KERBERDS.A
Tue, 01 Oct       Trojan.JS.NODSTER.A

Latest 10 Virus Alerts:
10 Sep 2020       Troj/DocDl-AAKY
10 Sep 2020       Troj/Agent-BFNY
10 Sep 2020       Troj/Qbot-FX
10 Sep 2020       Troj/Agent-BFNX
10 Sep 2020       Troj/MSILKlg-EB
10 Sep 2020       Troj/MSIL-PQZ
10 Sep 2020       Troj/MSILIn-YG
10 Sep 2020       Troj/Tesla-BX
10 Sep 2020       Troj/Agent-BFNW
10 Sep 2020       Troj/MSIL-PQY

Latest Adware and PUA:
15 Sep 2020       Potentially Unwanted Software
15 Sep 2020       Remote Access Batch
14 Sep 2020       WinZip Universal Keygen
12 Sep 2020       KiXtart
11 Sep 2020       XMRig Miner
11 Sep 2020       InstallCore
11 Sep 2020       Extensions Installer Tool
09 Sep 2020       ADRecon
09 Sep 2020       MultiSetup
07 Sep 2020       Android FleeceWare

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Internet Storm Center Infocon Status
A data breach forced this family to move home and change their names (ZDNet)
No More Ransom project has prevented ransomware profits of at lest $108 million (ZDNet)
Ransomware crooks hit Synology NAS devices with brute-force password attacks (ZDNet)
Malicious 'Google' domains used in Magento card card skimmer attacks (ZDNet)
Cyberlaw wonks squint at NotPetya insurance smackdown: Should 'war exclusion' clauses apply to network hacks? (The Register)
How to prevent unsigned Docker images from being pulled (TechRepublic)
Vulnerabilities Found in Mitsubishi Inverter Engineering Software (SecurityWeek)
Cannabis authentication system roots out counterfeit weed (ZDNet)
Live Webinar Close the Gap on Insider Threat: Granular Access Controls Behavior Analytics (InfoRiskToday)
Sanctions-hit Russian developers fingered for crafting 'Monokle' Android snoopware (The Register)
Johannesburg Utility Recovering After Ransomware Attack (InfoRiskToday)
Health IT Groups Push for OK of National Patient ID Measure (InfoRiskToday)
Researchers Discover Android Surveillance Malware Built by Sanctioned Russian Firm (SecurityWeek)
Telegram voicemail hack used against Brazil's president, ministers (ZDNet)
66% of SMBs don't believe they are vulnerable to cyberattacks (TechRepublic)
MyDoom: The 15-year-old malware that's still being used in phishing attacks in 2019 (ZDNet)
GitHub starts blocking developers in countries facing US trade sanctions (ZDNet)
Louisiana Declares Emergency After Malware Attacks (InfoRiskToday)
Mirai-Based Botnet Launches Massive DDoS Attack on Streaming Service (SecurityWeek)

The Register - Security

Bad news for 'cool dads' trying to bond with their teens: China-owned TikTok and WeChat face US download ban by Sunday (18 September 2020)
Iran's RampantKitten spy crew were snooping on expats and dissidents for six years (18 September 2020)
Woman dies after hospital is unable to treat her during crippling ransomware infection, cops launch probe (18 September 2020)
Feeling bad about your last security audit? Check out what just happened to the US Department of Interior (17 September 2020)
Video encoders using Huawei chips have backdoors and bad bugs – and Chinese giant says it's not to blame (17 September 2020)
GCHQ agency 'strongly urges' Brit universities, colleges to protect themselves after spike in ransomware infections (17 September 2020)
The Intel vPro Platform is ‘Built for Business’ – what this means to you (17 September 2020)
You have to be very on-trend as a cybercrook – hence why coronavirus-themed phishing is this year's must-have look (17 September 2020)
Fake Zoom alerts and dodgy medical freebies among COVID-cracks detected by Taiwan's CERT (17 September 2020)
Good: US boasts it collared two in Chinese hacking bust. Bad: They aren't the actual hackers, rest are safe in China (16 September 2020)
Where China leads, Iran follows: US warns of 'contract' hackers exploiting Citrix, Pulse Secure and F5 VPNs (16 September 2020)
Microsoft open-sources fuzzing tool it uses in-house to keep Windows so very secure (16 September 2020)
Worried about bootkits, rootkits, UEFI nasties? Have you tried turning on Secure Boot, asks the No Sh*! Agency (16 September 2020)
Dunkin' Donuts drops some dough to glaze over lawsuit accusing it of covering up customer account hacks (15 September 2020)
£2.5bn sueball claims Google slurps kids' YouTube browsing habits then sells them on (15 September 2020)
Russian hacker selling how-to vid on exploiting unsupported Magento installations to skim credit card details for $5,000 (15 September 2020)
Have hackers, cybercrims worked their way into your corporate net while you’ve been working from home? (15 September 2020)
Chinese database details 2.4 million influential people, their kids, addresses, and how to press their buttons (15 September 2020)
Infosec big names rally against US voting app maker's bid to outlaw unsanctioned bug hunting via T&Cs (15 September 2020)
What do F5, Citrix, Pulse Secure all have in common? China exploiting their flaws to hack govt, biz – Feds (14 September 2020)

threat post
Maze Ransomware Adopts Ragnar Locker Virtual-Machine Approach (18 Sep 2020)
Mozi Botnet Accounts for Majority of IoT Traffic (17 Sep 2020)
Apple Bug Allows Code Execution on iPhone, iPad, iPod (17 Sep 2020)
Google Play Bans Stalkerware and ‘Misrepresentation’ (17 Sep 2020)
APT41 Operatives Indicted as Sophisticated Hacking Activity Continues (17 Sep 2020)
California Elementary Kids Kicked Off Online Learning by Ransomware (17 Sep 2020)
Hackers Continue Cyberattacks Against Vatican, Catholic Orgs (16 Sep 2020)
DDoS Attacks Skyrocket as Pandemic Bites (16 Sep 2020)
DoJ Indicts Two Hackers for Defacing Websites with Pro-Iran Messages (16 Sep 2020)
Report Looks at COVID-19’s Massive Impact on Cybersecurity (16 Sep 2020)

Microsoft: Now PowerShell's secrets tool preview supports Linux and macOS
US Commerce Department to ban TikTok and WeChat downloads starting Sept. 20
Iranian hacker group developed Android malware to steal 2FA SMS codes
CEO of cyber fraud startup NS8 arrested for defrauding investors in $123m scheme
US sanctions Iranian government front company hiding major hacking operations
Twitter imposes new security rules for US political accounts ahead of the 2020 election
US charges Iranian hackers for breaching US satellite companies
Mozilla shuts down Firefox Send and Firefox Notes services
First death reported following a ransomware attack on a German hospital
This ransomware has borrowed a sneaky trick for delivering malware to its victims
Microsoft warns: This Windows 10 workaround to cure Lenovo ThinkPad BSODs hits security
Five iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 security and privacy features you need to know about
Ransomware warning: Hackers are launching fresh attacks against universities
Overseas provider uses local laws to push back against Australian encryption laws
Healthcare chiefs bemoan Australian medical sector remaining stuck on paper
Human biohacking: an exciting prospect, but only for the rich?
Google 'formally' bans stalkerware apps from the Play Store
US charges two Iranian hackers for years-long cyber-espionage, cybercrime spree
US charges two Russians for stealing $16.8m via cryptocurrency phishing sites
Reolink Go PT security camera review: Surveillance in far-flung places

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