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Malware Top10:
Tue, 19 Nov       Backdoor.MSIL.REMCOS.AOJ
Mon, 04 Nov       Coinminer.Linux.KERBERDS.A
Fri, 25 Oct       Trojan.SH.KERBERDS.A
Tue, 01 Oct       Trojan.JS.NODSTER.A
Tue, 01 Oct       Trojan.JS.KOVCOREG.A
Mon, 16 Sep       Rootkit.Linux.SKIDMAP.A
Mon, 16 Sep       Coinminer.Win64.MALXMR.TIAOODBZ
Mon, 19 Aug       Backdoor.Linux.BASHLITE.SMJC2
Tue, 23 Jul       ELF_SETAG.SM
Fri, 19 Jul       Backdoor.Perl.SHELLBOT.D

Latest 10 Virus Alerts:
10 Dec 2019       Troj/Emotet-BYY
10 Dec 2019       Java/Agent-BDEN
10 Dec 2019       Troj/DocDl-WTL
10 Dec 2019       Troj/Emotet-BYX
10 Dec 2019       VBS/Drop-BPS
10 Dec 2019       Troj/DocDrp-QR
10 Dec 2019       Troj/Qbot-FJ
10 Dec 2019       Troj/Autoit-CUO
10 Dec 2019       Troj/Agent-BDEM
10 Dec 2019       VBS/Drop-BPR

Latest Adware and PUA:
10 Dec 2019       Neoreklami
10 Dec 2019       Bitcoin Miner
09 Dec 2019       PC Cleaner Pro
09 Dec 2019       MacKeeper
09 Dec 2019       KuaiZip
09 Dec 2019       Generic Patcher
09 Dec 2019       DealPly Updater
07 Dec 2019       InstallBrain
07 Dec 2019       CSGO Cheat
06 Dec 2019       HBO Now Proxyless Cracker

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Latest 10 Threats:
Thu, 5 Dec       Trojan.Zerocleare
Mon, 2 Dec       Infostealer.Coonrac
Wed, 27 Nov       ISB.Downloader!gen303
Mon, 25 Nov       Ransom.Maze
Mon, 25 Nov       CL.Downloader!gen144
Mon, 25 Nov       ISB.Downloader!gen324
Tue, 19 Nov       ISB.Downloader!gen318
Thu, 14 Nov       POL.B.PSTCertutilHttp
Thu, 14 Nov       POL.B.PECCertutil
Thu, 14 Nov       POL.B.NPCCertutil

Latest 10 Risks:
Tue, 3 Dec       Miner.Kingminer
Thu, 1 Aug       PUA.SafelyOnline
Mon, 29 Jul       Adware.4SharedDesktop
Tue, 23 Jul       Hacktool.Sharpdpapi
Tue, 23 Jul       Hacktool.Foxplace
Thu, 4 Jul       Hacktool.Sharphound
Tue, 11 Jun       Hacktool.Safetykatz
Thu, 4 Apr       PUA.Avrising
Wed, 3 Apr       Hacktool.ProcHack

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Internet Storm Center Infocon Status
A data breach forced this family to move home and change their names (ZDNet)
No More Ransom project has prevented ransomware profits of at lest $108 million (ZDNet)
Ransomware crooks hit Synology NAS devices with brute-force password attacks (ZDNet)
Malicious 'Google' domains used in Magento card card skimmer attacks (ZDNet)
Cyberlaw wonks squint at NotPetya insurance smackdown: Should 'war exclusion' clauses apply to network hacks? (The Register)
How to prevent unsigned Docker images from being pulled (TechRepublic)
Vulnerabilities Found in Mitsubishi Inverter Engineering Software (SecurityWeek)
Cannabis authentication system roots out counterfeit weed (ZDNet)
Live Webinar Close the Gap on Insider Threat: Granular Access Controls Behavior Analytics (InfoRiskToday)
Sanctions-hit Russian developers fingered for crafting 'Monokle' Android snoopware (The Register)
Johannesburg Utility Recovering After Ransomware Attack (InfoRiskToday)
Health IT Groups Push for OK of National Patient ID Measure (InfoRiskToday)
Researchers Discover Android Surveillance Malware Built by Sanctioned Russian Firm (SecurityWeek)
Telegram voicemail hack used against Brazil's president, ministers (ZDNet)
66% of SMBs don't believe they are vulnerable to cyberattacks (TechRepublic)
MyDoom: The 15-year-old malware that's still being used in phishing attacks in 2019 (ZDNet)
GitHub starts blocking developers in countries facing US trade sanctions (ZDNet)
Louisiana Declares Emergency After Malware Attacks (InfoRiskToday)
Mirai-Based Botnet Launches Massive DDoS Attack on Streaming Service (SecurityWeek)

The Register - Security

You had one job, Cupertino: Apple's Intelligent Tracking Protection gets actually gets tracking protection (12 December 2019)
Bad news: KeyWe Smart Lock is easily bypassed and can't be fixed (11 December 2019)
Google Chrome will check for leaked credentials every time you sign in anywhere (11 December 2019)
Beware of bad Santas this Xmas: Piles of insecure smart toys fill retailers' shelves (11 December 2019)
Alleged Nigerian social engineer wins free flight to the US for business email fraud and love scams (11 December 2019)
It's the end of the 20-teens, and your Windows PC can still be pwned by nothing more than a simple bad font (10 December 2019)
Americans should have strong privacy-protecting encryption ...that the Feds and cops can break, say senators (10 December 2019)
Intel might want to reconsider the G part of SGX – because it's been plunderstruck (10 December 2019)
Don't pay off Ryuk ransomware, warn infoseccers: Its creators borked the decryptor (10 December 2019)
SIEMs like a stretch: Elastic searches for cash from IT pros with security budgets (10 December 2019)
Advertisers want exemption from web privacy rules that, you know, enforce privacy (9 December 2019)
Ad network ransomware crook to flog £5k Rolex after court confiscates £270k in ill-gotten gains (9 December 2019)
Metasploit for drones? Best of luck with that, muses veteran tinkerer (9 December 2019)
OpenBSD bugs, Microsoft's bad update, a new Nork hacking crew, and more (7 December 2019)
China fires up 'Great Cannon' denial-of-service blaster, points it toward Hong Kong (6 December 2019)
Reasons to be fearful 2020: Smishing, public Wi-Fi, deepfakes... and all the usual suspects (6 December 2019)
SANS Announces 13th Holiday Hack Challenge and 2nd KringleCon infosec conference (6 December 2019)
Tricky VPN-busting bug lurks in iOS, Android, Linux distros, macOS, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, say university eggheads (6 December 2019)
VCs find exciting new way to blow $1m: Wire it directly to hackers after getting spoofed (5 December 2019)
If there's somethin' stored in a secure enclave, who ya gonna call? Membuster! (5 December 2019)

threat post
Smart Krampus-3PC Malware Targets iPhone Users (11 Dec 2019)
Serious Security Flaws Found in Children’s Connected Toys (11 Dec 2019)
Apple Fixes ‘AirDoS’ Bug That Cripples Nearby iPhones, iPads (11 Dec 2019)
Signal Tests Upgraded Cryptography for Groups Function (11 Dec 2019)
Modern Intel CPUs Plagued By Plundervolt Attack (11 Dec 2019)
Lazarus APT Collaborates with Trickbot’s Anchor Project (11 Dec 2019)
Microsoft Zaps Actively Exploited Zero-Day Bug (10 Dec 2019)
Cyberattack Downs Pensacola’s City Systems (10 Dec 2019)
Snatch Team Steals Data and Hammers Orgs with Ransomware (10 Dec 2019)
Adobe Fixes 17 Critical Acrobat, Photoshop and Brackets Flaws (10 Dec 2019)

Mastercard joins Aussie digital ID market with Deakin and Australia Post partnerships
Microsoft details the most clever phishing techniques it saw in 2019
FBI shares security advice for online shopping
This new ransomware is targeting companies across Europe and the US
DNA firm GEDmatch now operated by company with police ties, privacy worries surface
After Windows 10 upgrade, do these seven things immediately
TrickBot gang is now a malware supplier for North Korean hackers
DoJ arrests Ponzi operators planning to retire ‘RAF’ through cryptocurrency scam
Amazon security: Patches fix multiple flaws exposing Blink cameras to hijacking
Cybersecurity: How Facebook's red team is pushing boundaries to keep your data safe
Adobe patches 17 critical code execution bugs in Photoshop, Reader, Brackets
460,000 Turkish card details put up for sale, web skimmers suspected
iOS 13.3 brings bug fixes and a new security feature, but does it bring new bugs
New Australian Online Safety Act to include take-down of cyber abuse
India's updated data protection Bill would provide more scope to access citizen data
10 things security teams should focus on, according to AWS' CISO
Microsoft December 2019 Patch Tuesday plugs Windows zero-day
Here's what will happen to your Windows 7 PC on January 15, 2020
New Plundervolt attack impacts Intel CPUs
Chrome 79 released with tab freezing, back-forward caching, and loads of security features

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