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Malware Top10:
Thu, 25 Oct       Backdoor.Linux.SETAG.RPA
Thu, 25 Oct       Coinminer.SH.MALXMR.ATNG
Thu, 25 Oct       Coinminer.SH.MALXMR.ATNE
Thu, 20 Sep       Coinminer.Unix.MALXMR.AA
Thu, 20 Sep       Trojan.JS.POWLOAD.AA
Mon, 10 Sep       Ransom.Python.PYLOCKY.B

Latest 10 Virus Alerts:
17 Nov 2018       Troj/Zbot-MSZ
17 Nov 2018       Troj/Phish-EDF
17 Nov 2018       Troj/Phish-EDE
17 Nov 2018       Troj/PDFUri-GNQ
17 Nov 2018       Troj/DocDl-QOL
17 Nov 2018       Troj/DocDl-QOK
17 Nov 2018       Troj/Banker-GXL
17 Nov 2018       Troj/Dwnldr-WRT
17 Nov 2018       Troj/Bckdoor-AJ
17 Nov 2018       Troj/Gootkit-J

Latest Adware and PUA:
16 Nov 2018       RegInOut
15 Nov 2018       PC Decrapifier
15 Nov 2018       Gamegogle
15 Nov 2018       Free Uninstaller
15 Nov 2018       Anvi Uninstaller
15 Nov 2018       Adware Updater
14 Nov 2018       Remote Service
13 Nov 2018       IStartSurf Installer
13 Nov 2018       Fusion Installer
13 Nov 2018       OptInstall

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Latest 10 Threats:
Wed, 14 Nov       SONAR.SuspLaunch!g15
Sun, 11 Nov       Ransom.Kraken!gen1
Mon, 12 Nov       Ransom.Kraken
Tue, 6 Nov       SONAR.MSOffice!g32
Tue, 6 Nov       SONAR.MSWord!g21
Tue, 6 Nov       SONAR.Adwind!gen12
Sat, 3 Nov       Trojan.Fastcash
Thu, 25 Oct       Trojan.Crobaruko
Tue, 23 Oct       SONAR.Dbger!g1
Tue, 23 Oct       SONAR.SuspBeh!gen673

Latest 10 Risks:
Thu, 11 Oct       PUA.SensumRegProClean
Thu, 11 Oct       PUA.DriverChecker
Wed, 10 Oct       PUA.PrivacyControls
Wed, 10 Oct       PUA.WinMendRegCleaner
Thu, 4 Oct       PUA.PerfectPCCleanup
Mon, 1 Oct       PUA.AdvancedPCTweaker
Mon, 1 Oct       PUA.DataOwnerWinRep
Mon, 1 Oct       PUA.RegTweaker
Wed, 26 Sep       PUA.DriverFixer
Mon, 24 Sep       PUA.RegistryKit

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Internet Storm Center Infocon Status
China's Hack Attacks: An Economic Espionage Campaign (InfoRiskToday)
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The Register - Security

SMS 2FA database leak drama, MageCart mishaps, Black Friday badware, and more (17 November 2018)
BlackBerry absorbs Operation Cleaver beaver Cylance into threat detection unit (16 November 2018)
'Unjustifiably excessive': Not even London cops can follow law with their rubbish gang database (16 November 2018)
Where to implant my employee microchip? I have the ideal location (16 November 2018)
MIT to Oz: Crypto-busting laws risk banning security tests (16 November 2018)
Super Micro chief bean counter: Bloomberg's 'unwarranted hardware hacking article' has slowed our server sales (16 November 2018)
Up to three million kids' GPS watches can be tracked by parents... and any miscreant: Flaws spill pick-and-choose catalog for perverts (15 November 2018)
John McAfee is 'liable' for 2012 death of Belize neighbour, rules court (15 November 2018)
The threat to your org's data lies betwixt chair and keyboard. Join us live on the internet for expert advice on tackling issue (15 November 2018)
US China-watcher warns against Middle Kingdom tech dominance (15 November 2018)
CISA's Palace: Congress backs new cybersecurity nerve-center for cyber-America's cyber-future (15 November 2018)
Another Meltdown, Spectre security scare: Data-leaking holes riddle Intel, AMD, Arm chips (14 November 2018)
Did you by chance hack OPM back in 2015? Good news, your password probably still works! (14 November 2018)
Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean hackers won't nuke your employer into the ground tomorrow (14 November 2018)
Want to hack a hole-in-the-wall cash machine for free dosh? It's as easy as Windows XP (14 November 2018)
Oz telcos' club asks: Why the hell do Australia Post, rando councils, or Taxi Services Commission want comms metadata? (14 November 2018)
Scumbag who phoned in a Call of Duty 'swatting' that ended in death pleads guilty to dozens of criminal charges (14 November 2018)
It's November 2018, and Microsoft's super-secure Edge browser can be pwned eight different ways by a web page (14 November 2018)
Russia: We did not hack the US Democrats. But if we did, we're immune from prosecution... lmao (13 November 2018)
Between you, me and that dodgy-looking USB: A little bit of paranoia never hurt anyone (13 November 2018)

threat post
Emoji Attack Can Kill Skype for Business Chat (16 Nov 2018)
Gmail Glitch Offers Stealthy Trick for Phishing Attacks (16 Nov 2018)
Critical WordPress Flaw Grants Admin Access to Any Registered Site User (16 Nov 2018)
Lock-Screen Bypass Bug Quietly Patched in Handsets (16 Nov 2018)
tRat Emerges as New Pet for APT Group TA505 (15 Nov 2018)
Managing the Risk of IT-OT Convergence (15 Nov 2018)
Connected Wristwatch Allows Hackers to Stalk, Spy On Children (15 Nov 2018)
Ahead of Black Friday, Rash of Malware Families Takes Aim at Holiday Shoppers (15 Nov 2018)
Bitcoin Giveaway Scam Balloons, with Google the Latest Victim (14 Nov 2018)
Pwn2Own Trifecta: Galaxy S9, iPhone X and Xiaomi Mi6 Fall to Hackers (14 Nov 2018)

Singapore to collaborate with Canada, US on cybersecurity
Popular Dark Web hosting provider got hacked, 6,500 sites down
Russian APT comes back to life with new US spear-phishing campaign
Trump signs bill that creates the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency
Google Play Protect analyzes every Android app that it can find on the internet
AWS rolls out new security feature to prevent accidental S3 data leaks
Russian banks hit by major phishing attacks from two hacker groups
Most antivirus programs fail to detect this cryptocurrency-stealing malware
These AI-generated fake fingerprints can fool smartphone security
Hacking group returns, switches attacks from ransomware to trojan malware
Winter Olympic Games hackers are back with an updated arsenal
Malicious code hidden in advert images cost ad networks $1.13bn this year
Workers unaware of travel-related cybersecurity threats, survey finds
Most ATMs can be hacked in under 20 minutes
DOD disables file sharing service due to 'security risks'
Gift ideas? Perhaps check Mozilla's gadget security, creepiness ratings before you buy
Mozilla: Firefox will start alerting you to recently breached sites
Japanese cybersecurity minister finds computers a mystery
Windows 10 1809's new rollout: Mapped drives broken, AMD issues, Trend Micro clash
One in five Magecart-infected stores get reinfected within days

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