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21 Jul 2021       Managed Detection and Response in Q4 2020
14 Jul 2021       Arrests of members of Tetrade seed groups Grandoreiro and Melcoz
14 Jul 2021       LuminousMoth APT: Sweeping attacks for the chosen few
08 Jul 2021       Quick look at CVE-2021-1675 & CVE-2021-34527 (aka PrintNightmare)
07 Jul 2021       WildPressure targets the macOS platform
05 Jul 2021       REvil ransomware attack against MSPs and its clients around the world
01 Jul 2021       Do cybercriminals play cyber games in quarantine? A look one year later
29 Jun 2021       Remote dating: How do the apps safeguard our data?
28 Jun 2021       Detecting unknown threats: a honeypot how-to
24 Jun 2021       Malicious spam campaigns delivering banking Trojans

Latest 10 Virus Alerts:
21 Jul 2021       Troj/Turla-CE
21 Jul 2021       Troj/TeslaA-BPT
21 Jul 2021       Troj/Turla-CD
21 Jul 2021       VBS/Agent-BHMS
21 Jul 2021       Troj/TeslaA-BPQ
21 Jul 2021       Troj/Swrort-FG
21 Jul 2021       Troj/Swrort-FF
21 Jul 2021       VBS/DwnLdr-AAVV
21 Jul 2021       Troj/DocDl-ADXQ
21 Jul 2021       Troj/Phish-JXW

Latest Adware and PUA:
21 Jul 2021       NirSoft BrowsingHistoryView
20 Jul 2021       DownWare
17 Jul 2021       Deep Software App module
17 Jul 2021       TikiTorch
16 Jul 2021       CoinMiner
16 Jul 2021       Actual Keylogger
15 Jul 2021       APatch GenPatch
14 Jul 2021       KuaiZip
14 Jul 2021       ADRecon
13 Jul 2021       Softcnapp

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Somebody is destined for somewhere hot, and definitely not Coventry (26 July 2021)
DEF CON offers beginner-level Spot the Fed this year: He'll be on stage giving a keynote (26 July 2021)
Hole blasted in Guntrader: UK firearms sales website's CRM database breached, 111,000 users' info spilled online (23 July 2021)
Tech support scams subside somewhat, but Millennials and Gen Z think they're bulletproof and suffer (23 July 2021)
BT tries to crack cyber crime, grabs stake in Safe Security (23 July 2021)
Kaseya obtains REvil decryptor, starts sharing it with afflicted customers (23 July 2021)
Never mind the trolls, Discord hosts 'significant volumes of malware' in its CDN (23 July 2021)
Cyber-attacks really ramp up after Halloween – so why not start preparing now? (22 July 2021)
Microsoft has a workaround for 'HiveNightmare' flaw: Nuke your shadow copies from orbit (22 July 2021)
Securing the cloud while Windows burns: Microsoft pops CloudKnox in trolley (22 July 2021)
Respect in Security initiative aims to build reporting lines for infosec bods suffering harassment at work, conferences and online (22 July 2021)
Thales launches payment card with onboard fingerprint scanner (22 July 2021)
China pushes back against Exchange attack sponsorship claims (22 July 2021)
NSO Group 'will no longer be responding to inquiries' about misuse of its software (22 July 2021)
US senators warn China's Digital Yuan could compromise Olympic athletes (22 July 2021)
Spanish cops cuff Brit bloke accused of playing role in 2020 celeb Twitter hijacking (21 July 2021)
Google Cloud's Intrusion Detection Service attempts to make security 'invisible' but cost will be the big giveaway (21 July 2021)
Make-me-admin holes found in Windows, Linux kernel (21 July 2021)
Journo who went to prison for 2 years for breaking US cyber-security law is jailed again (20 July 2021)
Fortinet's security appliances hit by remote code execution vulnerability (20 July 2021)

threat post
Microsoft Rushes Fix for ‘PetitPotam’ Attack PoC (26 Jul 2021)
Malware Makers Using ‘Exotic’ Programming Languages (26 Jul 2021)
The True Impact of Ransomware Attacks (26 Jul 2021)
Discord CDN and API Abuses Drive Wave of Malware Detections (23 Jul 2021)
5 Steps to Improving Ransomware Resiliency (23 Jul 2021)
FIN7’s Liquor Lure Compromises Law Firm with Backdoor (23 Jul 2021)
Kaseya Obtains Universal Decryptor for REvil Ransomware (23 Jul 2021)
FBI: Cybercriminals Eyeing Broadcast Disruption at Tokyo Olympics (22 Jul 2021)
Phish Swims Past Email Security With Milanote Pages (22 Jul 2021)
Critical Jira Flaw in Atlassian Could Lead to RCE (22 Jul 2021)

Best cheap VPN 2021: VPN services under $2 a month
Ransomware: Here's how much victims have saved in ransom payments by using these free decryption tools
Microsoft: Here's how to shield your Windows servers against this credential stealing attack
Want lifetime VPN protection and a Hushed private phone line? Now you can for just $30
Twitter handle swatter jailed after victim dies following home raid
WhatsApp chief says government officials, US allies targeted by Pegasus spyware
Blaming China is handy when trying to keep telco infrastructure away from Beijing
Fastest VPN deal: Get lifetime protection for 10 devices for only $25
Even after Emotet takedown, Office docs deliver 43% of all malware downloads now
The 25 most dangerous software vulnerabilities to watch out for
Researchers find new attack vector against Kubernetes clusters via misconfigured Argo Workflows instances
Microsoft warns over this unusual malware that targets Windows and Linux
GitHub boosts supply chain security for Go modules
Updated Kaseya ransomware attack FAQ: What we know now
Kaseya says it has now got the REvil decryption key and it works
COVIDSafe feedback process changes as app moves into business as usual mode
More than half of all Aussies continue to encounter forms of cyber scams in 2021
Uber found to have interfered with privacy of over 1 million Australians
Akamai has trouble and the internet hiccups again
Microsoft Edge 92 starts rolling out to mainstream users

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