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Malware Top10:
Thu, 09 Jan       Backdoor.Win64.ANCHOR.A
Wed, 18 Dec       Backdoor.SH.SHELLBOT.AA
Tue, 19 Nov       Backdoor.MSIL.REMCOS.AOJ
Mon, 04 Nov       Coinminer.Linux.KERBERDS.A
Fri, 25 Oct       Trojan.SH.KERBERDS.A
Tue, 01 Oct       Trojan.JS.NODSTER.A
Tue, 01 Oct       Trojan.JS.KOVCOREG.A
Mon, 16 Sep       Rootkit.Linux.SKIDMAP.A
Mon, 16 Sep       Coinminer.Win64.MALXMR.TIAOODBZ
Mon, 19 Aug       Backdoor.Linux.BASHLITE.SMJC2

Latest 10 Virus Alerts:
18 Feb 2020       Troj/PDFDwn-WU
18 Feb 2020       Troj/DwnLdr-ZPN
18 Feb 2020       Troj/Zbot-OJT
18 Feb 2020       VBS/DwnLdr-ZPK
18 Feb 2020       VBS/DwnLdr-ZPJ
18 Feb 2020       Troj/Zbot-OJR
18 Feb 2020       Troj/VBInj-WR
18 Feb 2020       Troj/Steal-GJ
18 Feb 2020       Troj/RTFDrop-BL
18 Feb 2020       Troj/Remcos-OX

Latest Adware and PUA:
18 Feb 2020       MacClean
18 Feb 2020       KuaiZip
17 Feb 2020       Strictor
17 Feb 2020       AweCleaner
16 Feb 2020       Download Assistant
16 Feb 2020       Adposhel
13 Feb 2020       UnrealIRCD
13 Feb 2020       DownVision
13 Feb 2020       SurfBuyer
13 Feb 2020       Bundlore

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Latest 10 Threats:
Thu, 23 Jan       Trojan.Broler

Latest 10 Risks:
Thu, 19 Dec       Miner.Kingminer
Thu, 1 Aug       PUA.SafelyOnline
Mon, 29 Jul       Adware.4SharedDesktop
Tue, 23 Jul       Hacktool.Sharpdpapi
Tue, 23 Jul       Hacktool.Foxplace
Thu, 4 Jul       Hacktool.Sharphound
Tue, 11 Jun       Hacktool.Safetykatz
Thu, 4 Apr       PUA.Avrising
Wed, 3 Apr       Hacktool.ProcHack

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Internet Storm Center Infocon Status
A data breach forced this family to move home and change their names (ZDNet)
No More Ransom project has prevented ransomware profits of at lest $108 million (ZDNet)
Ransomware crooks hit Synology NAS devices with brute-force password attacks (ZDNet)
Malicious 'Google' domains used in Magento card card skimmer attacks (ZDNet)
Cyberlaw wonks squint at NotPetya insurance smackdown: Should 'war exclusion' clauses apply to network hacks? (The Register)
How to prevent unsigned Docker images from being pulled (TechRepublic)
Vulnerabilities Found in Mitsubishi Inverter Engineering Software (SecurityWeek)
Cannabis authentication system roots out counterfeit weed (ZDNet)
Live Webinar Close the Gap on Insider Threat: Granular Access Controls Behavior Analytics (InfoRiskToday)
Sanctions-hit Russian developers fingered for crafting 'Monokle' Android snoopware (The Register)
Johannesburg Utility Recovering After Ransomware Attack (InfoRiskToday)
Health IT Groups Push for OK of National Patient ID Measure (InfoRiskToday)
Researchers Discover Android Surveillance Malware Built by Sanctioned Russian Firm (SecurityWeek)
Telegram voicemail hack used against Brazil's president, ministers (ZDNet)
66% of SMBs don't believe they are vulnerable to cyberattacks (TechRepublic)
MyDoom: The 15-year-old malware that's still being used in phishing attacks in 2019 (ZDNet)
GitHub starts blocking developers in countries facing US trade sanctions (ZDNet)
Louisiana Declares Emergency After Malware Attacks (InfoRiskToday)
Mirai-Based Botnet Launches Massive DDoS Attack on Streaming Service (SecurityWeek)

The Register - Security

GRU won't believe it: UK and US call out Russia for cyber-attacks on Georgia last year (20 February 2020)
Keen to check for 'abnormal' user behaviours? Microsoft talks insider risk, AWS imports and compliance at infosec shindig RSA (20 February 2020)
Samsung will be Putin dreaded Kremlin-approved shovelware on its phones, claims Russia (20 February 2020)
Oi, Cisco! Who left the 'high privilege' login for Smart Software Manager just sitting out in the open? (19 February 2020)
Assange lawyer: Trump offered WikiLeaker a pardon in exchange for denying Russia hacked Democrats' email (19 February 2020)
When the air gap is the space between the ears: A natural gas plant let ransomware spread from office IT to ops (19 February 2020)
Don't use for online banking, Natwest bank tells baffled customer (19 February 2020)
What do a Lenovo touch pad, an HP camera and Dell Wi-Fi have in common? They'll swallow any old firmware, legit or saddled with malware (19 February 2020)
$2.07bn? That's one Dell of a deal to offload infosec biz RSA (18 February 2020)
Shipping is so insecure we could have driven off in an oil rig, says Pen Test Partners (18 February 2020)
Tutanota cries 'censorship!' after secure email biz blocked – for real this time – in Russia (17 February 2020)
Severe vuln in WordPress plugin Profile Builder would happily hand anyone the keys to your kingdom (17 February 2020)
It is with a heavy heart we must inform you, once again, folks are accidentally spilling thousands of sensitive pics, records onto the internet (17 February 2020)
Roses are red, IBM is Big Blue. It's out of RSA Conference after coronavirus review: IBMers will not attend infosec event over 'health concerns' (14 February 2020)
Google burns down more than 500 private-data-stealing, ad-defrauding Chrome extensions installed by 1.7m netizens (14 February 2020)
Austrian foreign ministry: 'State actor' hack on government IT systems is over (14 February 2020)
Call us immediately if your child uses Kali Linux, squawks West Mids Police (14 February 2020)
AT&T insists it's not blocking Tutanota after secure email biz cries foul, cites loss of net neutrality as cause (14 February 2020)
Voatz of no confidence: MIT boffins eviscerate US election app, claim fiends could exploit flaws to derail democracy (13 February 2020)
A dirty dozen of Bluetooth bugs threaten to reboot, freeze, or hack your trendy gizmos from close range (13 February 2020)

threat post
Critical Cisco Bug Opens Software Licencing Manager to Remote Attack (20 Feb 2020)
Cybergang Favors G Suite and Physical Checks For BEC Attacks (20 Feb 2020)
Critical Adobe Flaws Fixed in Out-of-Band Update (20 Feb 2020)
MGM Grand Breach Leaked Details of 10.6 Million Guests Last Summer (20 Feb 2020)
U.S. Pipeline Disrupted by Ransomware Attack (19 Feb 2020)
BlueKeep Flaw Plagues Outdated Connected Medical Devices (19 Feb 2020)
SMS Attack Spreads Emotet, Steals Bank Credentials (19 Feb 2020)
Hamas Ensnares Israeli Soldiers with Pretty ‘Ladies’ (19 Feb 2020)
Cynet Offers Free Threat Assessment for Mid-Sized and Large Organizations (19 Feb 2020)
Latest Tax Scams Target Apps and Tax-Prep Websites (19 Feb 2020)

Coronavirus kills MWC, IBM withdraws from RSA: What about Kaspersky’s Security Analyst Summit?
Croatia's largest petrol station chain impacted by cyber-attack
US, UK formally blame Russia for mass-defacement of Georgian websites
Cybersecurity: Hacking victims are uncovering cyberattacks faster - and GDPR is the reason why
Samsung weirdness: Galaxy users freak out over global '1' message from Find My Mobile
Cisco critical bug: Static password in Smart Software Manager – patch now, says Cisco
Adobe releases out-of-band patch for critical code execution vulnerabilities
Watchdog ponders tougher independent oversight for Australia's encryption laws
Exclusive: Details of 10.6 million MGM hotel guests posted on a hacking forum
New company BluBracket takes on software supply chain code security
AFP vows to damage tech giant reputations if found obstructing law enforcement
WordPress botnet deploys anti-adblocker script to make sure its spammy ads are profitable
Hackers exploit zero-day in WordPress plugin to create rogue admin accounts
Law enforcement leaning on Austrac as legislation 'lags' behind technology
Chinese hackers have breached online betting and gambling sites
Microsoft has a subdomain hijacking problem
Google extends Titan Security Key availability
DHS says ransomware hit US gas pipeline operator
Dell Technologies sells RSA to Symphony Technology Group consortium for $2.075 billion
Coronavirus impact on tech markets likely to be limited in time and by country -- for now

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