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Heca Systems                              
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The following services can be delivered by Heca Systems : Heca Systems Services
  • Installation and support of Microsoft Windows environments
  • Integrationprojects of Windows and Unix/Linux environments
  • Installation and support of network equipment (hubs, switches, routers)
  • Installation and support of internet connectivity in small and medium sized environments
  • Installation and support of e-mail and webserver infrastructure
  • Installation and support IT security (antivirus, firewall, ...)
  • Remote support via the internet
  • Secure and easy sharing of files between users via the internet
  • Data backup to secured servers via the internet
  • Registration of internet domain names and hosting of websites
  • Development and implementation of simple websites
  • Projectmanagement for ICT infrastructure implementations
  • Selling of hard- and software
  • Installation and support of standard office applications
  • Installation and support of Sage BOB 50 (accounting and commercial managment for SMB)

More than 25 years of experience !

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